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Liberated Living Ministries: sowing truth into the world for over 40 years.

Branding • Logo Design • Web Developement

Their Story

In 1982, John and Beverley Sheasby arrived at DFW in Dallas, TX, with two children, four suitcases, and the hearts of evangelists. Natives of South Africa, they have a God-birthed passion for sharing the truth of the Gospel in America. And for over 40 years, they have followed God's call and seen countless lives changed by the power of God.

The Challenge: Rebrand an established ministry to prepare for the new era.

Branding • Logo Design • Web Developement


The Website

The LLM website has been a hub for the Sheasbys to offer their teaching series, books, and monthly Seed to Seed messages to listeners around the world. Over time, they transitioned from selling their series to offering them for free as downloads on their website. At the request of many who listen to and love their ministry, they wanted to create a portal where people could easily listen to their messages and offer support to LLM.

To accomplish this goal, we designed this website to feature the monthly Seed to Seed messages (now the Seed to Seed Podcast) directly on the website. With links to archived messages as well as free downloadable series, the website has become an organized hub to listen and support the ministry. With easy to use donation forms that allow for both one-time and monthly giving, we've made it simple for listeners to find messages and continue their support of LLM.


The Logo

The evolution of the Liberated Living Ministries logo through the years has run the gamut of styles. The current iteration shifted from previous image-based designs to a simple, classic mark with a modern shape and contemporary type.

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